5 Reasons to Involve an Engineer In Your Construction

With the ongoing collapse of building especially in this side of the globe the above question is of utmost importance to would be developers and general construction clients.

Due to strict control and adherence to regulations the construction sector is flooded by all manner of people some of whom misuse the term “Engineer” yet they are quacks and laymen.

This has led to a culture whereby some clients prefer to use this guys who most definitely charge meagre fees due to their expected dismal performance. Have you ever asked yourself the importance of using engineers engineer your project?

Below we lay bare to you 5 reasons why you must involve an engineer in your construction.

1.Sound structures

An engineer and in this case a structural engineer undergoes a thorough training to understand the laws of statics (Stationary bodies) pushing the boundaries of applied science. After 5 years of intense study and research the graduate engineer will work under a qualified professional engineer for at least 3 years to see the reality of his theoretical knowledge in practice. engineering is therefore not an art(read experience) but a scientific fact. The engineer does not work on guess work but an tested and approved way. For structural soundness therefore , you need to knock that door of a structural engineer!

2.Better Management
Some have this ideas that an engineer is an hard faced fellow without no sense of human face just like an engine. While it may be true that some situations call for such a face it is also true that engineers are good managers. Trained in critical thinking and analysis, the engineer never sleeps until they get a solution to your problem. It is said that when God created the world in 6 days, he rested on the seventh day and gave the engineer the steering wheel on matters development on mother earth. And it’s true-from the tower of Babel in beginning of human civilization , the Great pyramid of Giza, the Colosseum, the Machu Picchu to the modern burj Khalifa, engineers have steered the vehicle of construction from simple to complex structures you see around. All this needs the grit of a well trained and experienced manager and the engineer fits the bill well.

3. Better Planning
The engineer will do all the designs and calculations to be able to derive costs of various developments. With this in hand it’s possible to project your construction well and therefore plan better for failing to plan is planning to fail. For better planning, see an engineer next time.

4.Effective Risk Management
A bad joke is told that a doctors kills the patient inside the theatre only he/she and a few others may knows but if a building collapses and kills 10 people, the all the world sees and the work of an engineer will be under scrutiny.

It is rather appalling that most people will do everything to get the most qualified and experienced doctor but very little to look for the most qualified and experienced engineer. Which one has more risks? A roof of a school caving in on 2000 pupils for all to see or being given some wrong tablets ? Be the judge. In ancient roam the work of an engineer was very important because you could face the noose for a collapsed structure. Therefore, to reduce and mitigate risk please engage an engineer.

5. Economical Construction

Last and definitely not the least it would be in vain to talk about the importance of an engineer without talking about economy. Although not an epitome of all economical laws but the engineer is well trained person in matters of economy.
Through integrating engineering expertise and economical economical the engineer ensures not only sound but economical construction solutions. At Engiconstruct Limited our vision is to be the best choice for engineered construction solutions in Africa and Beyond. May it be your choice too!!


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